Ubuntu 18

Installing MusicBot on Ubuntu 18 via the command line is the recommended way to install the bot.

Firstly, lets install the dependencies required for your system:

# Install build tools
sudo apt-get install build-essential unzip -y
sudo apt-get install software-properties-common -y
# Install system dependencies
sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get install git ffmpeg libopus-dev libffi-dev libsodium-dev python3-pip 
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
# Clone the MusicBot to your home directory
git clone https://github.com/Just-Some-Bots/MusicBot.git ~/MusicBot -b master
cd ~/MusicBot
# Install Python dependencies
sudo python3 -m pip install -U pip
sudo python3 -m pip install -U -r requirements.txt

After running those commands, you can configure the bot and then run it using: