OpenBSD 6.6

MusicBot can run on OpenBSD systems as well. Note that the X11 sets must be installed, due to the ffmpeg dependency.

# Install Python and libraries available as packages
doas pkg_add python # select version 3.7.4
doas pkg_add py3-aiohttp youtube-dl ffmpeg libsodium git
# Ensure pip is set up
python3 -m ensurepip
# Clone the MusicBot
git clone -b master
cd MusicBot
# Install remaining dependencies
doas pip3 install -U pip
doas pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt

WARNING: If you have the py3-PyNaCl package installed, the final command will overwrite your system pynacl, which is likely newer, with pynacl 1.2.1, potentially breaking other packages. This can be worked around either by using a virtualenv (safe), or editing requirements.txt to remove the pinned version (at your own risk).

After doing those commands, you can configure the bot and then run it using ./

In accordance with OpenBSD conventions, you are recommended to create a dedicated user for the bot in order to keep it privilege-separated from the rest of your system. Refer to the useradd(1) manual page for more details. Refer to the rc.d(8) manual page for details on how to start the bot automatically on system startup.