This page is dedicated to detailing all of the options in options.ini.
To get options.ini, run the bot once so that it copies example_options.ini to options.ini for you.
Never, ever, ever, edit this file with notepad or wordpad. Download something like Notepad ++, Sublime, or Visual Studio Code.



Required to run the bot
You must provide the token for your Discord bot account.
To create a bot account, go to your applications page (logging in if prompted), and then follow this 10 second video.
If you followed it entirely, you should have revealed your token and can now copy it into the config file.
Spotify_ClientID Required for Spotify integrationThe client ID for your Spotify application.
Spotify_ClientSecret Required for Spotify integrationThe client secret for your Spotify application.
OwnerID Defaults to creator of the bot accountThe ID of your Discord user, who will gain full permissions for the bot.


Defaults to None
The IDs of every Discord user that you would like to gain developer commands.
These commands are dangerous and allow execution of arbitrary code.
If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t add any IDs here
CommandPrefix Defaults to !The prefix that will be used before every command
BindToChannels Defaults to NoneYou can enter text channel IDs in here (seperated by spaces) to only allow the bot to respond in those channels
AutoJoinChannels Defaults to NoneYou can enter voice channel IDs in here (seperated by spaces) to force the bot to join those channels on launch (one per server)
Musicbot Configuration
DefaultVolume Defaults to 0.25The volume that your bot starts at when launched, between 0.01 and 1.0.
WhiteListCheck Deprecated, use permissions.iniIf enabled, the bot can only be used by users whose IDs are in whitelist.txt.
SkipsRequired Defaults to 4The number of people voting to skip in order for a song to be skipped. Used if number of skips is lower than the SkipRatio.
SkipRatio Defaults to 0.5The ratio of people voting to skip in order for a song to be skipped. Used if ratio of skips is lower than SkipsRequired.
Ratio refers to the percentage of undeafened, non-owner users in the channel.
SaveVideos Defaults to yesWhether videos will be saved to a cache for later, or if they will be deleted after being played.
NowPlayingMentions Defaults to noWhether to mention the user who queued a song when it starts to play.
AutoSummon Defaults to yesWhether the bot should automatically connect to the owner's voice channel on startup.
Takes precedence over AutoJoinChannels.
UseAutoPlaylist Defaults to yesWhether to play music from autoplaylist.txt when nothing is queued.
AutoPlaylistRandom Defaults to yesWhether the autoplaylist will play randomly, or sequentially.
AutoPause Defaults to yesWhether to pause music while no one else is in a voice channel.
DeleteMessages Defaults to yesWhether to delete bot's messages after a short period of time.
DeleteInvoking Defaults to noWhether to delete commands sent from users. Requires the Manage Messages permission.
PersistentQueue Defaults to yesWhether to save the queue to disk and resume from where it left off after a restart.
DebugLevel Defaults to INFODetermines what is logged to console. You shouldn't have to change this.
StatusMessage Defaults to NoneSpecifies a customer message to use as the bot's status.
If empty, the bot will use a dynamic status about the current song being played.
WriteCurrentSong Defaults to noWhether the bot will write what it's currently playing to the data/<server id>/current.txt file.
This can be used with OBS and anything else that takes a dynamic input.
AllowAuthorSkip Defaults to yesWhether the person who queued a song can force skip their own songs.
UseExperimentalEqualization Defaults to noWhether to enable experimental equalization code.
This will cause all songs to sound similar in volume at the cost of higher CPU usage.
UseEmbeds Defaults to yesWhether to use Embeds for responses. These messages look cleaner, but won't appear to users who have link previews disabled.
QueueLength Defaults to 10How many items will be shown when using the queue command.
RemoveFromAPOnError Defaults to yesWhether to remove songs from the autoplaylist if an error occured while trying to play them.
ShowConfigOnLaunch Defaults to noWhether to list config options in the console on launch.
LegacySkip Defaults to noWhether to use legacy skip behavior. Force-skip will be default instead of needing to use 'skip f'.
This feature is experimental and has issues.
LeaveServersWithoutOwner Defaults to noWhether to leave servers if the owner is not found in them.
UseAlias Defaults to yesWhether to use command aliases defined in aliases.json.
i18nFile Defaults to NonePath to your i18n file. Don't set this if you don't know what you're doing.
Ex: config/i18n/en.json