What I'm doing now

Currently, I am learning React.js and Dart. I plan to rewrite my website using React.js in the near future to optimize it and make it more appealing to users. I am also working on a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices using the Dart programming language and Flutter which is a popular open-source UI development kit. My goal is to build enough understanding to begin freelancing on platforms such as UpWork and eventually begin a startup company relating to robotics.

What I've done previously

During my sophomore year of high school, I was the lead software developer on the Tuscarora Robotics Team. During my junior year, I decided to found a robotics team at Frederick High School. In our first year, we qualified for, and traveled to, the World Championships in Detroit, MI through the Rookie All-Star Award. Throughout the next two years, we competed at local and state levels where we placed second and first respecfully, well on our way to travel to the World Championships once again. Unfortunately however, the world went into lockdown due to the global pandemic and all remaining events for the season were cancelled.

Additionally, I interned at the National Cancer Institute where I worked with machine learning and collaboratively published a paper on a pilot benchmarking of histopathology images.

In terms of software development, I have been working with Java for roughly 8 years now. I started by creating Minecraft plugins which helped me build a foundational understanding of the language. As I continued creating plugins, my proficiency and knowledge of Java increased exponentially. Because of this, I recently released a website to offer my development services to others.